Profile of Environmental Education Center (PPLH) Puntondo

Environmental Education Centre (PPLH) Puntondo is an independent and professional Non Governmental Organization (NGO). PPLH Puntondo is under the auspices of Environmental Education Foundation of Puntondo (YPLHP) and running officially on October 15, 2001.

PPLH Puntondo has a land area ​​5 hectares located in Puntondo, Laikang Village, District of Mangarabombang, Takalar, South Sulawesi. In Laikang, all activities of PPLH Puntondo are carried out with best sea and coastal ecosystem programs. Sea ecosystem is located in the conservation area about 500 meters from the Laikang beach.

PPLH Puntondo is surrounded by white sand and anyone who visited PPLH Puntondo will feel the natural scenery of the magnificent countryside with relatively strong winds. The uniqueness of the local traditions of society is that the majority are fishermen. Seaweed and houses on stilt become the main attraction for visitors of PPLH Puntondo.

The existence PPLH Puntondo in South Sulawesi, which has put groundbreaking since on August 18th, 1998 because it is engaged by the sense of concern for the environmental destruction occurred along the coast of Laikang and threatened coastal vegetation and sea ecosystems such as mangrove forests from illegal logging, theft and destruction of coral reefs in the bay of Laikang as a result of using a bomb during fishing and other causes.

All of the programs, activities and facilities in PPLH Puntondo are integrated on the process of environmental education. The goal is to demonstrate how we can live friendly with nature and simple ways by using what is provided by nature and it mutually sustains our life with nature in the future.

Learning methods are implemented directly on various matters relating to the environment, outdoor, enjoyable, but still serious. The program offers both learning environment and enjoying the beauty of ecotourism in bay of Laikang. Hopefully, these programs can increase public awareness towards the importance of maintaining and preserving the environment.