PPLH provides facilities to support learning process either overnight or that day. Most of the buildings are made by wood, combination of Makassar, Europe and Java. It makes the building looks unique. At the beginning, the buildings are designed by using palm wood. After that teak wood, but they are not good quality. So that it was decided to use Uling wood (sappu). The architect came from Germany (Mr. ULRIC Furke H). Sources of building materials use local materials.

Pendopo (Desk Information)

It has functioned as a receptionist place or guest room. PPLH Puntondo team will accompany you in getting information about environmental life. In the Hall, you can read some wall magazines of PPLH Puntondo containing photographs and environmental tips.

Seminar Room

This room is designed to make the participants comfortable and alive. It is used to hold seminar, discussion or other meeting with capacity around 80 people.


Has a wide range of books not only the environmental books, but also available clippings, magazines, leaflets, brochures and others.

Boat & Swimming Equipment

For the participants or those who want to go around the bay Laikang, PPLH provides boats to the base of the glass for observation under the sea and swimming equipment (mask, snorkel, and fins) and diving equipment.


PPLH provides mosque for the Muslims.

Bungalaw (Cottage)

There are six bungalows, three bungalows, each bungalow for 4 people and three other bungalows, each bungalow for 6 people. Each Bungalow is no bathroom and built with an open concept and approach towards nature that will give the impression to you and an unforgettable experience.


Consisting of twin buildings, the capacities are 32 people and relatively cheaper. Men Dormitory (16 people) and women dormitory (16 people). The dormitory is equipped with a bathroom and good air circulation.